The Champagne Lifestyle

No matter what you’re celebrating, those memories should never fade. At Chalice, we know the value of those special moments and we’re here to make them even better. 

Our Collection

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The Chalice range contains 5 unique champagne varieties to suit every kind of occasion.


Unique Chill-factor Sleeve

The unique Chill-Factor sleeve keeps your Chalice Champagne chilled at the right temperature for hours on end.


Years to Develop

Every bottle of Chalice Champagne is aged underground in our cellars for a minimum for up to 6-8 years.


Chalice champagne is much more than just a drink. It's a new lifestyle with spectacular infinite experiences.

The Chill-factor

At Chalice, we know the experience is just as important as the aesthetic. Our innovative Chill-Factor marble sleeve helps not only to keep your champagne chilled for longer, but to protect your Chalice Champagne from breakages on the move, around the pool or as the night goes on! The Chill-Factor sleeve makes it easy to live in luxury wherever the adventure takes you…

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